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Paint By Numbers - Mountain Snow Lodge Cabin
Paint By Numbers - Mountain Snow Lodge Cabin

before & after: oregon home renovation (Design Sponge)

Anyone who has rented a place by a lake or in a ski town knows that the
mountain-lodge style can be kind of, well, terrible. Somewhere along the line,
many a charming country cabin fell victim to the worst of country style:
thick, dark carpets; ruffled curtains; chintzy furniture and more. I think
it's partially...

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The Ford F-350: A Heavy Duty Vehicle

Ford has always been known to produce large trucks. In fact, their F150 pickup truck is the best selling truck of all time. But the F150 is not the only great truck you can find in Ford's lineup. The Ford F-350 is also one great heavy duty truck which has its own set of good attributes. There are numerous features and capabilities in the F-350 that has attracted truck drivers to come to love the vehicle.

The first thing that will strike you about this truck is its size. The truck is truly designed to take on the heaviest of load. It has a towing capacity of 15,000 pounds which makes gives it the capability to tow heavy trailers, campers, fishing boat, or even livestock. The truck also has amazing off-road driving capability which makes it one of the top choices for any truck driver in town.

The Ford F-350 is available with three different choices of engines - all of which are capable of providing adequate power, as capable as a Volvo vent visor in protecting a car's interior from snow or rain. Consumers can choose from either a gasoline powered V8, a massive V10 gasoline engine, or a 32-valve 6-liter, PowerStroke turbo-diesel V8 engine with cast iron cylinder block and cylinder head. For the diesel engine, an EVRT system is standard. The electronic variable response turbocharger balances the thrust needed by the wheels. This capability increases the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine.

For those who would want to buy an F-350, there are two gearboxes to choose from - a five-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual. To protect the car's occupants or anything it is hauling, the Ford F-350 is equipped with TBC or the Trailer Brake Controller which balances the braking of the trailer. Disc brakes are also standard across the board; all wheels are fitted with high performance discs and equally high performance pads. The F-350 also has an anti-lock braking system which offers safe braking even on emergencies.

Whether you go for a gasoline or a diesel engine, your Ford F-350 will come with a huge 38-gallon fuel tank which holds enough fuel to feed the hungry horses inside the massive combustion chambers of the three engines. Gas mileage for the F-350 is not revealed though since EPA does not require vehicles such as this to state their gas mileage. This makes sense since most of these vehicles will be used commercially and not just for cruising around town.

The suspension system of the truck which gives it great off-road driving capability is a mono-beam suspension in the front with massive coil springs and an equally massive stabilizer bar. This truck is really made for heavy duty purposes. The rear suspension system is a solid axle with huge leaf springs and another huge stabilizer bar. Both the front and the rear suspension system sports heavy-duty gas-pressured shock absorbers. The configuration of the suspension system gives the Ford F-350 a responsive steering and a good stability.

The ride though is quite another story. Just like other pickup trucks, the ride may be stiff if the truck bed is empty but once it is loaded the truck gives an exceptionally smooth ride.

The interior of the truck also looks great and almost luxurious. This is because of the leather trimmings, its sun roof and other features one would commonly find in a luxury car. The black leather bucket seats are the most notable feature of the cabin of the truck which gives it an aura of luxury. The controls and the instrument panel are designed with convenience in mind. The truck may be designed for heavy duty jobs but the interior design also ensures comfort and sophistication.Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. She is a native of the motor city and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field. You can visitVolvo vent visorfor more information.

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