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Below, buried beneath the very roots of the trees (bldgblog.blogspot)

[Image: Piranesi's Rome].

Peter Ackroyd's allusion to a landscape comparable to the tropical swamps of
Borneo found in the sewers of London reminded me of a brief line in Gilbert
Highet's book _Poets in a Landscape_.

Describing the origins of Rome, a city built on the Tiber River, Highet writes
that the landscape there was once as wild as any to be found on earth—indeed,
offering evidence that writers seem consistently to fantasize of finding a new
tropics in the very ground of Europe, Rome was founded in "those early idyllic
days, when the Tiber was as primitive as the Upper Amazon today."

Highet goes on to describe the city's long-term devolution into the "heap of
ruins" it became in the Middle Ages, a city "earth-choked, mutilated, silent,"
one where weeded streets were lined with "the titanic palaces of later
monarchs—arches which now look not so much like relics of human architecture
as fragments of mountain-ranges into which dwellings have been built."

"In those days," Highet writes, a variant form of "primitive" landscape
emerged, one in which forests returned and plants ran riot, when "Rome was a
place of grassy ruins and elegant palaces and whispering ...


Let Your Life Shine With Antiquity

Antiques are the buzzword when it comes to exquisite home decoration. Antiques might have lost momentarily to the instant charm of modern furniture but they are surely making a strong comeback and making their presence felt in the extremely competitive furniture market. Antiques, however, have a niche market that does not feel the heat of competition because the art lovers are present in sufficient numbers to appreciate the pristine glory of antique furniture.

Antique furniture makes for a perfect drawing room or bedroom. In fact, antique furniture is available in such diverse forms and content that the antique dealers have almost everything for every part of the home. The artistic touch of Amish handcrafted furniture is, in itself, a sight to behold. The Antique Oak furniture can be a piece of decoration as well as the normal utility item, like beds. Such is the grace of Amish furniture that buyers often have to wait for their turn to buy Amish made furniture. This is because the Amish artisans take a long time to finish just one piece of furniture due to the craftiness involved in the process of manufacture.

Possessing antique furniture is a matter of pride for the owners. It took the care and maintenance by generations to preserve their beloved furniture article. And why not? After all, their antique furniture still shines bright amidst the cacophony of modern day furniture. Who can forget the charm of grand pianos and old billiards tables?

Antiques present us with an opportunity to connect with history. Our grandparents have memories and stories attached to the antique furniture items. Each story is worth a million dollars because it is associated with someone you love – your grandparents and of course, the antique furniture. The entire nostalgia surrounding antique furniture is mesmerizing. An antique furniture piece can easily establish a bond with even the one who is not so familiar with its history. Every antique tells its own story, the story about its maker and the story about its origin and journey. The markings on these pieces such as dates, signatures, embossing, embellishments take us back in ancient times. The feeling is close to reliving the history and trying to, somehow, relate to our ancestors.

The importance of antique furniture is often realized from the adornments of official government buildings. It shows the amount of respect the nation has for its history and the historically relevant furniture items. It might seem absurd to our generation but antiques, contrary to popular belief, can never be said to have lived their lives. Their lure is forever etched in the memories of those who want to preserve the golden memories.

Fortunate are those who possess antique furniture. But the non-possessors need not lose heart. Exquisite antique furniture is available with antique dealers as well as online antique furniture shops. Due to a higher value attached to the antique furniture, it has been observed that certain tricksters have started duping the vulnerable buyers who cannot differentiate between an antique and a fake. Extreme caution should be exercised while buying antique furniture, either online or offline.The author has antiqueAmish furniturein her home.Amish oak furniturecan be purchased easily from an online store. Online wholesale Amish furniture dealers offer better prices and discounts.

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