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Early Edition: Blake Lively Ready for 'Savages'; New Director for 'Wolverine'; More (Cinematical)

Filed under: Movie News, Cinematical

**Blake Lively** might not be taking her planned trip down the Yellow Brick
Road. Lively, who won critical acclaim for her role in Ben Affleck's 'The
Town,' is now first in line for the female lead in **Oliver Stone**'s**
'Savages,'** a story about two Laguna Beach marijuana kingpins who are forced
to work for a Mexican drug cartel after the free-spirited girlfriend they
share is kidnapped, according to Variety.

Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch have been in talks to play the two male leads,
with Benicio del Toro negotiating to be one of the cartel enforcers. If Lively
is in fact offered the part, she may have to give up the role of Glinda the
Good Witch of the East, which she was considering, in Sam Raimi's 'Oz: The
Great and Powerful' for Disney. 'Savages,' which Stone will write and direct
for Universal, is being eyed for a June start date.

**'Wolverine'** may be coming off hold soon. According to TheWrap, Fox has
shown an interest in having **Duncan Jones** direct the film and Jones, in
turn, is interested. As you'll recall, Darren Aronofsky was originally going
to direct, but he ...


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