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Ideas for Discount Window Coverings

If you're looking for a simple, inexpensive way in which you can transform the look of a room, you really need to look no further than your window coverings. Don't put the same old tired curtains that everyone else in your neighborhood has; go for something bold and daring that will add pizzazz to your home. Put your imagination into overdrive and see what inspired creations will find their way to your windows.

A very nifty way to create your own window coverings is by using a wrought iron curtain rod, pinch clips, and either hemmed or un-hemmed fabric. The pinch clips grip the fabric and allow you to hang pretty much any fabric you choose from your window. Sheers and plain fabric with gothic styled wrought iron are currently popular choices. You can also elect to use sheets from the discount store for this particular look. They will billow nicely for a nice romantic look that is perfect for bedrooms. You might also elect to use ribbons or ties in order to enhance the overall look of your window coverings.

You can also purchase window coverings that simply slide along the rod without any clips. These curtains can be found in many different designs and fabrics. Some of them simply offer loops or tabs at the top that allow you to slide the rod through the curtain. You can also quite easily make your own by adding ribbons or tabs to the top and securing them with decorative buttons.

If you are looking for something trendy and popular consider a curtain or window covering that is made with specialty paper rather than fabric. These hand made or rice paper designs allow for some rather interesting blinds that are semi transparent and quite adaptable to most decors. While these are quite expensive to purchase they are also deceptively easy to make. You will need to find a store that sells hand-made paper though.

You'll want to spend some time looking at the many papers they have and selecting the one that you feel will suit your style and decor the best. Once you've purchased the paper you will need to cut it to the size of your window. Now that you've accomplished this you will place the paper on wire and attach it with binder clips. This type of window covering works best in rooms where you'd like light to stream in but maintain a need for privacy.

Hand-painted Venetian blinds is another way to add a special touch to your decor. This type of window covering can be prohibitively expensive however; you can imitate the look by painting your own. The easiest way to achieve this look is by using a stencil and a can of spray paint to put one solid design on the blinds. This can also work with vertical blinds as well.

Remember when decorating that shower curtains and window coverings are essential in defining the style of a room. The more design elements you introduce to your window coverings, the more formal your room will seem. The simpler the look, the more casual your room will appear.Wooden window blinds, specificallywoven wood blindscan add instant warmth to any room. Learn more at coveringyourwindows.com

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